About Us / FAQ

Welcome to Pop King Inc.! Here's a little background on the business! 

Our founder, Steve Schanes, has been in the comic book and animation industry for 50+ years. Steve began as a comic book retailer when he was 17 years old and, alongside his brother Bill, opened Pacific Comics. From there he launched the industry disrupter, Blackthorne Publishing. During his time in the comic business Steve published 800 comic books. From these roots POP-KING INC emerged. Some of our collections over the years include archive acquisition of studios such as Filmation, DiC, and Nelvana. Today POP-KING boasts incredible customer service with a track record of selling 47 million units including 12 million animation items since the year 2000.


Where do you acquire this awesome art?

We work closely with industry artists, producers, directors, and studios.  Our collections come from personal archives as well as straight from animation studios.  


I’m looking for something specific, can you help me out?

Yes!  Shoot us an email with any specific requests.  We have a warehouse full of unlisted inventory and may be able to get you just what you’re looking for. email: popkinginc@gmail.com


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship globally.  Let us know where your package is headed and we can give you a shipping quote.


Do you have a physical store?

Not currently!  We do however attend various comic book and popular culture conventions.  Follow our social media channels to see where you can catch up in person.